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Hello Beautiful, I’m so glad you’ve found us and stopped by!  Let me take a minute to tell you what to expect while you’re visiting.  We believe in whole body wellness from the inside out.  Most importantly, we treat people like people, NOT like numbers.  Take a look around at all my Gemini love of #allthethings from recipes, to wearing my heart on my sleeve blogging, essential oils, skincare, self-care, Spiritual Gangsta stuff, and so much more!  When you fall in love with us I’d love to have you join our community where wellness is simple and fun!

I look forward to getting to know you!
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Top 10 Ugly Truths About Direct Sales

*disclaimer: explicit language warning* This article is strictly my opinion based on my actual work experience in this field. If you are set in your ways, a know-it-all and closed minded please stop here. This article is not for you. I’ve written this for the curious, the open-minded and the true leader personas to be able to think for themselves and to stop giving away so much of their power to others.

With that out of the way let’s begin! Have you ever been promised something and then completely disappointed or feel like you’ve been lied to? Have you ever followed someone to the ends of the Earth only to realize they are a phony? Have you ever received shady “opportunity” messages from people you know and random ass people you don’t know on social media, like daily?! How many webinars have you taken that promised you’ll learn all the secrets, tricks of the trade, the “how-to’s” and then end up wasting 2-3 hours per webinar because it was all fluff, no clear directions, and a mega sales pitch at the end and you’re completely confused and pissed off that you just wasted a good chunk of your precious time?! Continue reading

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Fall Skincare Routine

fall skin

It’s that time of year… Sweata Weatha! And the last post to complete my series of skincare routines for all four seasons. Last but definitely not least the Fall Skincare Routine. I wanted to get this out to you much sooner, but being busy, mixed in with two months of traveling and then “procrastination me” kicked in while being annoyed feeling rushed into Fall while I was still soaking in the Summer back in August. Even though the Hudson Valley is known for its gorgeous fall trees when the leaves change I go into denial that it is actually happening since I do not heart the cold days and “lack of sunshine depression.” Continue reading

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Wanderer – Bar Harbor Shore Path

0918shorepath10Whether it was a foggy morning or a clear night, the Shore Path in Bar Harbor was frequented almost every day during our stay in Maine.  It was a great place to see everything from fishing and lobster boats to the cruise ships that were in town for the day.

One evening, we walked as far as we could go until there was no light to guide us but the night sky and the stars.  If there is ever a sight to behold, it’s a light pollution-free view of the sky.  I wish I could have photographed what we could see, but you’ll just have to take our word for it.  I’m a night photographer in training. 😛

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Wanderer – Jordan Pond

091018jordanpond03One of the traditions we have as a family when we went to Bar Harbor, Maine is to stop at Jordan Pond and hike around it.  Ironically, when we set out to do a hike there the very first time as kids, the intention was to do a short nature hike that was no longer than an hour long.  Somewhere, we took a wrong turn and hiked around the entire lake, which ended up being a half day affair.

It’s funny how traditions can be born from mistakes.  We enjoyed it so much that we continued to do it with every trip.  My wife and I followed in this tradition in the two times we have been there as well, and likely will continue every time we wander our way there.

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Wanderer – My 1st Half Marathon!

halfmarathon01We interrupt our regularly scheduled wildlife and nature photos to talk about a goal that I recently achieved last Saturday.  If you can’t tell from the picture, I was in utter disbelief at the size and scope of what I had just done.  Even as I write this, it still seems like a dream.

I’m a big fan of creating challenging goals and trying to accomplish them to see just how far we as human beings can push ourselves, and the latest was to complete a half marathon.

Let me break it down for you here.

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Wanderer – Monhegan Wildlife


Northern Parula

This is the part of the trip that I love to share with everyone… the wildlife!  We had a solid three days to find and capture the variety of birds that Monhegan Island is known for, and it did not disappoint.  With roughly 300 documented bird species, I figured I’d at least see one or two. 😛

The guide book had some hot spot locations they mentioned, but I actually had some of my best luck around town not far away from the inn we stayed at.  The shot of this Northern Parula was taken in an apple tree just two minutes into our second day of hiking.

That parula wasn’t the only bird I encountered.

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Wanderer – Hiking Monhegan Island

18monheganhikes16Once situated on the island, we were ready to explore.  Armed with a map and nature guide book of the island, we plotted our course and off we went.  First of all, have you ever been in a place so silent, that it’s actually distracting?  There were numerous trails within the heart of the island like that.

At one point, Becky mentioned ‘this is where the fairies live’.  I don’t know much about fairies, but imagine my surprise when we actually hiked a trail that had ‘fairy houses’ scattered about.  It appears that this one trail on the island is known for this.  There are a few photos in the enclosed gallery showing some of those.

We also hiked some of the more difficult trails along the shoreline, which presented their own beautiful views.

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Wanderer – Around Town on Monhegan

18monhegan05From the moment we stepped off the boat on Monhegan Island, I felt at peace.  The island is situated 10 miles off the coast and has a year round population of around 60 people.  An immediate sense of relaxation took over as we wheeled our luggage from the dock to the Island Inn, where we were staying.

I couldn’t wait to drop our things off at the room and start exploring, but it’s hard to explore on an empty stomach!  Little did I know that relaxation I was feeling earlier would be replaced with fear.

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Wanderer – Onward to Monhegan Island!

090618portclyde05From Portland, Maine, we traveled up the coast two hours to catch a ferry to our next destination, Monhegan Island.  Approximately 10 miles off the mainland, Monhegan Island has no paved roads and with 12 miles of hiking trails, it makes for a perfect destination to explore.

The ferry ride itself was an hour long, and with it going out over open ocean, created an opportunity to photograph wildlife I’ve never encountered.  I ended up seeing two species of bird I’ve never seen before, a Laughing Gull and Northern Gannet.  The ocean was a bit rough and made for a challenging photo shoot.

They weren’t the only animals we saw either.  I hope you enjoy the attached gallery (click photos to enlarge), and there will be plenty more photos from Monhegan Island over the coming days.

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Wanderer – Wildlife at Fort Williams (Gallery)


Eastern Tailed Blue

If I am outside, there is nearly a 100% chance a camera with a large telephoto lens is hanging off my shoulder.  I can’t help it, I am obsessed with photographing wildlife that people have no idea are right in front of them.  It has increased my enjoyment of the outdoors significantly by just slowing down and soaking in the surroundings.

For example, the photo to the right is of an eastern tailed blue butterfly that was sitting on a blade of grass.  It isn’t much larger than my thumbnail.

This is just one of the many things I spotted and captured at Fort Williams Park.  I had a few animals I was hoping to catch a glimpse of, like seals and porpoise, and within our first few hours in Maine, I had already seen both.  The seals in particular were much closer to shore than I expected to see them.

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