Springtime Skincare Routine Part 2

Where the F is Spring_

Last week you learned all about how to have great skin from the inside out in Part 1 of my Sprintime Skincare Routine. As I’m writing this I am still under the blankets freezing, a little cranky, borderline hangry, and it’s supposed to snow tomorrow?! Nope, #doneaulting today. Where the f*ck is Spring?! Let’s just all use our imaginations and at least you’ll be prepared with your Springtime Skincare whenever Spring decides to finally show up.

With all season changes, not only do my emotions go to #allthefeels but my skin loves to get a little crazy too. There are a few of my year-round staples for skincare that I can use, but with every season it’s important to also mix up your skincare routine so that your face stays fresh, youthful and not stagnant. After months … ::enter dramatic me:: Feels like YEARS! of harsh weather, our skin is in desperate need of some beauty revamping. But, are you unsure of which products to use and which you should avoid this time of year? Don’t worry! That’s what I’m here for, to help y’all out! Here are some simple, must-have tips and tricks to love your skin in Spring.

As you say bon voyage to cold weather, introduce foaming cleansers into your skin routine. During the winter, I tend to use creamy or hydrating cleansers, but I switch to a foaming cleanser in the spring. Exactly like heavy moisturizers, creamy cleansers leave a residue of fats on the skin. We totally need that in the cold winter months, but we don’t need this in the spring.

Keep these three categories of cleansers on your list: creamy, foaming, and normal (non-soap, pH-balanced cleanser). A normal cleanser is a great choice when the weather warms up like the soap-free Orange Blossom Facial Wash, unless your skin is oily. A great choice for oily skin is the foaming ART® Gentle Cleanser to help remove extra oils. Cleanse once or twice a day (oily skin). Using these recommended mild, all-natural cleansers will help to ensure your skin won’t be irritated.

YL skincare routine

To Exfoliate or not to Exfoliate? YES! Exfoliate all that dead winter skin off. A Springtime must to get rid of all that dead winter skin. Exfoliating works to help rid your skin of any dry, rough layers left over from the winter. I am OBSESSED with this Satin Facial Scrub Mint.
Pro tip: Avoid walnut shells and apricot pits. They are too rough for that pretty little delicate face of yours and can irritate or tear the skin. Exfoliating should be done only once or twice (for oily skin) a week.

Face Masks! I love a great face mask. They are great for pampering that delicate facial skin of yours. My favorite Springtime mask is the ART Beauty Masque for radiant, youthful-looking skin, plus to make it easy, it’s for all skin types!

Toner is for all-year round! As mentioned in my Wintertime Skincare Routine toning should be done all the time. It removes excess dirt & makeup that cleanser may have forgotten and balances the pH of your skin, plus it tones & tightens skin too. ART® Refreshing Toner is my favorite essential oil-infused toner because of the added benefits of some of the most sought-after oils for luxury skincare! It feels glorious!

Moisturizer is always a priority to any skin-care routine, but using heavy cream moisturizers in the spring can make you breakout. In the spring, switch from emollient cream moisturizers to lighter formulations, like ART® Light Moisturizer. Heavy creams have lipids that stick to the skin and repair your dry winter skin barrier. When that skin barrier is already healthy in the warmer weather months, the extra lipids to the skin can cause clogged pores and pimples. And nobody likes when their skin breaks out. I know my skin goes a little nuts when the seasons change. A super popular trio is the ART® Skin Care System. I stock up on this because it tends to go out of stock quickly.
Pro tip: Don’t stop using oils. Just switch to lighter textures like the ART® Renewal Serum, which is excellent in hot weather. If you’re worried about oils being too much for your skin, apply them at night before you go to bed.

Don’t Forget The SPF! A must-have year-round, but now that the weather is warmer, we’ll all likely be outside more and therefore, there’s more of an emphasis on sunscreen. Inside secret: I definitely don’t practice what I preach on this one…I’ll probably regret this when I get older…but I need all the vitamin D and natural, sun-kissed skin I can get! #jerseygirl When I use sunscreen I am obsessed with Young Living’s Mineral Sunscreen Lotion.

Know Your Skin. Before you start a skincare regimen, find a skincare professional & expert (yours truly) who will help you understand how your skin works and what will work best for your skin to maintain that healthy glow. Need me now? Contact me ASAP!

Protect Those Lips! Our lips also go through changes from winter to spring. If you’re experiencing dry or chapped lips, using moisturizing lip balms like this Lavender Lip Balm & weekly Lavender lip scrub are a great choices. Check out the DIY Lavender Lip Scrub Recipe I make & use on my lips.

Lavender Lip Scrub Recipe

Balance Your Skin’s Natural Oils. Our skin changes with the seasons and tends to produce more oils during spring. Again, this is why it’s great to learn from a skincare professional, like me, about how to get you started on your healthy skincare routine.

Spring Clean Your Makeup. Purge all old makeup (they do have a shelf life too!). Old, outdated makeup can harbor bacteria. Replace old makeup with spring must-haves: a new foundation, new bronzer, new mascara – (replace every 3 months or if you get any funky eye infections replace ALL eye makeup), and a new Spring moisturizer.

savvy minerals

Check the dates on your products. An easy Spring cleaning makeup purge checklist:
Wash dirty makeup brushes (do this often)
Toss the following:
Expired products.
Products that look dry or crusty.
Products that have changed consistency, color, or smell.
SPF older than one year.
Old/used makeup sponges.

Don’t Forget Haircare. Over the winter, my hair and scalp get destroyed from dry skin and super dry hair. Get that Spring haircut! I know I am so overdue. And also ask your stylist to give you a hair conditioning treatment. At home you can use moisturizing shampoo & conditioner or Organic Argan hair oil to soften & smooth out your dry locks.

I know this post was filled with tons of product links, because you know a girl’s got bills to pay! These are some of the products I use daily & LOVE! Would you like to try them out, but still have questions? No worries! Send me a message. I’d be happy to help you on your way to gorgeous skin!

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If you need more help with how to start your weekly skincare routine please visit my Freebies tab to get your free printable skincare routine!
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