Wanderer – Around Town on Monhegan

18monhegan05From the moment we stepped off the boat on Monhegan Island, I felt at peace.  The island is situated 10 miles off the coast and has a year round population of around 60 people.  An immediate sense of relaxation took over as we wheeled our luggage from the dock to the Island Inn, where we were staying.

I couldn’t wait to drop our things off at the room and start exploring, but it’s hard to explore on an empty stomach!  Little did I know that relaxation I was feeling earlier would be replaced with fear.

We stopped at a place called the Fish House for food, and ate along the ocean while gulls and ducks begged for us to drop crumbs.  Enjoying the view, we began to hear some thunder rumbling over the ocean.  Within a few minutes, tourists and residents alike began to gather on the ocean’s edge as we all watched a fast moving storm coming towards the island.


It wasn’t soon after that we began to head back, but by then it was too late.  The wind picked up tremendously, reportedly up to 50-60 mph gusts.  At one point, the wind whipped up the sand right into my face, temporarily blinding me and forcing me to literally walk hunched over backwards to protect myself.  It was quite the intense moment, but much like it came in, it left just as quick.

With the sun back out, we explored the town and the trails (more on the trails and hiking in a later post).

One thing that happened completely by accident was that we happened to be on the island during Open Lighthouse Day!  One day a year, several Maine lighthouses are open for touring for free for a few hours, so we got to go up into the Monhegan Island Lighthouse!


We also got to enjoy some drinks at the Monhegan Breweing Company, which felt very exclusive being so far off the mainland.  Naturally, we also shopped at the gift shops and checked out some of the local art galleries.  There was just so much to take in.  Below is my Village series of photos (click any to enlarge) for your viewing pleasure.


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