Wanderer – Monhegan Wildlife


Northern Parula

This is the part of the trip that I love to share with everyone… the wildlife!  We had a solid three days to find and capture the variety of birds that Monhegan Island is known for, and it did not disappoint.  With roughly 300 documented bird species, I figured I’d at least see one or two. 😛

The guide book had some hot spot locations they mentioned, but I actually had some of my best luck around town not far away from the inn we stayed at.  The shot of this Northern Parula was taken in an apple tree just two minutes into our second day of hiking.

That parula wasn’t the only bird I encountered.

According to the guide book I picked up, the size and location of the island makes it a great place for migrating birds in the Spring and Fall.  During migration, you could see anything, anywhere at anytime.  Exciting right?

Below is a series of animals that we encountered on the island.  Please click any and all photos to enlarge.  I wasn’t able to capture everything I ran into, but that is common with being a wildlife photographer.  If you aren’t ready, they will not wait for you.  I consider myself very fortunate this trip though, as I caught more than I lost.


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