Wanderer – Jordan Pond

091018jordanpond03One of the traditions we have as a family when we went to Bar Harbor, Maine is to stop at Jordan Pond and hike around it.  Ironically, when we set out to do a hike there the very first time as kids, the intention was to do a short nature hike that was no longer than an hour long.  Somewhere, we took a wrong turn and hiked around the entire lake, which ended up being a half day affair.

It’s funny how traditions can be born from mistakes.  We enjoyed it so much that we continued to do it with every trip.  My wife and I followed in this tradition in the two times we have been there as well, and likely will continue every time we wander our way there.

The 3.3 mile loop offers numerous beautiful views across the pond and the rounded mountains known as the North and South Bubbles.  If you’re lucky (like us!), you may catch a loon or two on the water.  At the end of the hike, stop at the Jordan Pond House to get a pair of popovers with jam and butter to get the full experience.

For those who have never been there, I would like to share this gallery with you, and hope that you will one day find yourself in Acadia National Park.  Please click any of the photos to enlarge.



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