Fall Skincare Routine

fall skin

It’s that time of year… Sweata Weatha! And the last post to complete my series of skincare routines for all four seasons. Last but definitely not least the Fall Skincare Routine. I wanted to get this out to you much sooner, but being busy, mixed in with two months of traveling and then “procrastination me” kicked in while being annoyed feeling rushed into Fall while I was still soaking in the Summer back in August. Even though the Hudson Valley is known for its gorgeous fall trees when the leaves change I go into denial that it is actually happening since I do not heart the cold days and “lack of sunshine depression.”

The Fall is probably one of the most important times to take care of your skin. Since we worship the sun, sea, and all the other fun outdoor activities that can give us a great sun-kissed glow but come Fall time you look like a dried out raisin who needs #alltheexfoliating and #allofthemoisturizer! As always just like in the Springtime Skincare Routine Part 1 and Part 2, the Summertime Skincare Routine, and the Wintertime Skincare Routine I am going to break it down for you on how to love your skin, no matter the season. Use these posts as your holy grail guide to gorgeous, flawless skin and post in the comments below to let me know how it’s working for you! I always LOVE to hear all about how your skin is doing. #obsessedwithskincare

If this sounds like your daily routine – wash, tone, moisturize, but suddenly out of nowhere your skin is starting to feel tight and you’re wondering WTF is going on … yup … this. is. Fall. UGH! (I will try my best to not throw temper tantrums throughout this post since I hate all things pumpkin and feeling rushed into Fall … cut it out stores who don’t let me enjoy Summer bc you’re decorating your Halloweens and your Christmases full of knickknacks! No promises though since I am currently freezing under the blankets becoming part of the couch, already moody.. because season change, and can feel all the moisture being sucked out of my skin cuz the heat is running 24/7 now). I can’t be the only one who’s going into their not so favorite seasons. Send help! Where’s the beach?!

The weather is changing, and your skincare routine needs to change too. Your skin is always exposed to the environment making it much more vulnerable to the elements. I do love going with the flow, but when it comes to skincare, I am like a product ninja always asking myself, Am I forgetting something? Did I moisturize enough? #alloftheproducts The weather this time of year can be super frustrating. One day it’s hot and 100 degrees and the next day it’s 40 degrees and I am shivering wanting nothing but naps all day. The humidity in Summer is one of the reasons why your skin softens and feels like every day is a great, glowing, baby faced day. Welcome to Fall where the dryer, colder climate can dehydrate that beautiful Summer skin you had like 5 minutes ago showing more fine lines and wrinkles. Preposterous!!!

As much as I rant and rave how Summer is the best it can also be a sneaky time for bad things to happen on your gorgeous face. Too much sun exposure can accelerate the aging process, remember I literally just said fine lines and wrinkles UGH! If you turn into a mermaid in the Summer swimming in the pool/ocean the exposure to chlorine or salt can dry out and irritate your skin. Oh AND… if you’re a land mermaid stuck in the office and it’s a meat locker with the air conditioning blasting that also dries out your skin. When you go from shockingly cold to excess heat and you start sweating, that sweat can lead to clogged pores. It’s super frustrating, bro!!

Do you ever wonder why your skin tends to freak out during the season changes? Its partially because of what I just described to you above. Just like how I HATE being rushed into Fall or the holiday season, your skin doesn’t like rapid temperature changes either. It’s tweaking out trying to catch up and keep that youthful healthy glow. With this shift in weather our skin must adapt, so our skincare routine must change when the seasons change.

During the Fall sometimes, your skin will be a mystery and sometimes your skin will give you clues on what it needs. Is your skin feeling drier at certain times of the day or do you have excess oil that just appears out of nowhere? Is your skin looking dull, tired or sagging? Depending on what your skin clues are, you may want to increase or decrease how often you do the following steps each week. If you’re very affected by the changes in weather (like me!), planning your skincare routine around the humidity and/or cold, dry temperatures will help give you the best results.

fall skin 4

Here’s the run down of #alltheproducts I highly recommend from Young Living. I am super particular and have used A LOT of products being a licensed Cosmetologist & Makeup Artist so I love when a product actually does what it says!!

Change your cleanser – The most important thing you can do for your skin. More sweat in the Summer needs a foaming cleanser like Art Gentle Cleanser, while Fall demands a gentler, more hydrating approach. If your Summertime cleanser is drying out your skin in the Fall, switch to a moisturizing cleanser.
Recommend: Mirah Luminous Cleansing Oil.

After cleansing, how is your skin feeling? Is it soft and smooth, or does it feel tight? If it’s the latter, your skin is still too dry after cleansing. We want to avoid dry, tight skin going into Fall and Winter as much as possible. Although sometimes during Fall I need to do those deep pore cleansing clay masks that do make my face feel so tight and then I will load up on moisturizer!

Toner is a MUST for all seasons – Following the same rule of changing your cleanser, you want to use a toner in the Fall with more balancing power or straight up Rose Water … ooooohhhh I LOVE Rose Water everything from toner to drinking Rose water spritzers (side note: the Rose water you use on your face is not always the same culinary grade Rose water to ingest).
Recommend: ART Refreshing Toner.

You can totally make your own essential oil-infused toner by using alcohol-free witch hazel and adding in a few drops of Neroli (refreshing, invigorating, & gives skin an extra dose of hydration that helps moisture loss throughout the day), Rose (super balancing to the skin & works energetically on opening/healing the Heart Chakra), and Lavender (a must-have in all skincare for its calming skin properties).

Always avoid alcohol-based toners, since they dry out the skin (unless you have super, super oily skin then by all means sop up that excess oil!). Use products that calm and soothe the skin after cleansing in Fall (and Winter). Asking yourself again, how does your skin feel after you’ve used toner? Dry and tight or balanced and nourished?

Change your moisturizer – Remember, we sweat more in Summer, so that’s why we use a lighter moisturizer that doesn’t clog pores. In the Fall, we’re transitioning to colder, dryer days, blasting the heat, and less water in the air – literally sucking the hydration & moisture right out of our skin leaving us with dry, flaky lines and wrinkles. Imma ‘bout to freak out right now!! Nooooo!! I don’t want that!
Recommend: Orange Blossom MoisturizerSandalwood Moisture Cream, or ART Intensive Moisturizer.

Why is it so important to moisturize in the Fall? Our skin tends to naturally produce less oil in the Fall and Winter months so it’s time to step up our moisturizer game. If you have oily skin, your Summer moisturizer may still work for you this time of year, but switch to a deeper penetrating moisturizer if your skin starts developing those annoying dry patches.

Don’t forget your eye area! The delicate skin under your eyes requires some TLC and more hydration too. I am annoyed that I am at the age now where I NEED eye cream ::temper tantrum starting up:: I legit huff & puff in the bathroom when I am applying my literal dab because that’s all you need since it’s super hydrating, but still I fight it! But then I love how it feels and makes my under-eye area look even brighter. I don’t have dark under eye circles THANK YOU JESUS but giiiirrrlllll I feel you!
Recommend: Wolfberry Eye Cream.

Exfoliate – All of your sun-loving escapades in the Summer have finally caught up with you. Remember I said Bad Things?!! Scrub that shit off!! Exfoliating minimizes the appearance of dark spots, removes all that dead skin, and smooths out your skin tone, but pay attention to your exfoliation routine. I sound like a broken record, but I want you to remember #allthethings in every season of skincare. Again, this is the time of year where the skin creates less oil and gets easily irritated by environmental factors –
wind ← ANNOYING, rain ← ANNOYING, changing temperature ← AAHHNOYIIINNGG!
Pay close attention to when your skin is looking dull and needs a gentle scrub.

Some people can exfoliate a couple times a week in the Summer (umm..not me), but over exfoliating in the colder, drier temperatures is too much. Stick to once a week and see how your skin reacts to that. If you are finding you are more oily then you can try this twice a week.
Recommend: Satin Facial Scrub

Don’t forget your lips! Exfoliating your lips will remove all that icky dead skin and give your lips a naturally fuller appearance combine that with some minty lip balm or one of Savvy Minerals peppermint infused lipglosses and OMG #icanteven with those luscious lips! Always keep your lips moisturized to smooth lip lines and have plump, soft lips especially in the Fall.
Recommend: Savvy Minerals by YL Poppy Seed Lip ScrubLip Balm – Cinnamint, and Savvy Minerals Makeup.

Acne prone skin remedy. This time of year my skin breaks out with the change of season. I found the best Acne Treatment product I’ve ever used. Has just a little bite and doesn’t overly dry out your skin as long as you use moisturizer with it, and it actually helps prevent the development of new acne blemishes, pimples, and blackheads. The bonus it’s Vegan Friendly and not tested on animals! Yaaassss Giiirrrllll!!
Recommend: Maximum Strength Acne Treatment.

Shrink the size of your pores – UGHHH! This! Apparently, I went through a phase where in the am every morning instead of throwing cold water on my face I used hot water. DO NOT DO THIS! Now I am on a mission to shrink my pores because when I am ‘nose to mirror’ it’s all I see. When we sweat in the Summer our pores tend to enlarge so as you’re rushing me (DON’T RUSH ME!) into Fall we may look in the mirror and see more pores than we’d like. ← ANNOYING! Shrink those pores back into line by keeping them clean so that your body’s natural cycle can do the rest (still working on this! Jesus take the wheel!).

Recommend: Bentonite clay. This clay circulates blood flow, absorbs excess oil, and pulls all the junk out of your pores while your face starts pulsating. When you wash this mask off, you’ll notice a difference right away and will have that tight skin feeling I keep telling you not to have, but tone and #moisturizeAF right after this mask if you’re also trying to shrink your pores. Here’s how I do it (it can also double as your armpit detox mask too!) a scoop of clay, apple cider vinegar enough to make a paste, and two drops each of Lavender oil and Tea Tree oil.

Only mix up this mask in a glass bowl and do not use any metal spoons or anything metal since it will deactivate the clay and not work as effectively on your skin. Pulsating during and redness after the mask is normal. Bentonite clay circulates the blood which is why those two things happen. If you’re unsure do a patch test on your inner forearm first to see how your skin will react. Leave on for 20 minutes max. Don’t worry I’ll write up a whole thing on this when I get time and link back to it here too.

Do this once a week if you have dry/combo skin for a few weeks. If you have super oily skin try it once a week, but you can also use up to twice a week for a few weeks until you notice a difference in your pores, and then you can cut back down using it as needed. Sometimes when my skin can handle it, I will exfoliate and then use the ART – Creme Masque right after to really get all that dead skin off and have some fresh new skin. Then I will go to town over moisturizing my new dry skin to soak up all that goodness.

Use all the hydrating masks – I hope by now you are learning that this is the season where we are bringing moisture back into the skin and body. While the cold weather outside and the heat blasting inside is stealing your skin’s moisture even if you change your moisturizer, it may not be enough, especially when the wind blows, and the heaters come on.
Recommend: ART – Creme Masque or ART Beauty Masque – 4 pk.

Make your own hydrating mask using these moisturizing skin ingredients with mashed bananas, avocados, honey, yogurt, jojoba oil, oatmeal powder (take oatmeal and blend in blender to make a flour OMG AMAZING!). Mix all ingredients together to make a paste, apply, leave on for 10-15 minutes, then wash off, tone and #moisturizeAF.

fall skin 2

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Fall weather will dehydrate our skin. Drink water to hydrate your skin from the inside out. And sometimes we need a little extra oomph of hydration to keep that healthy glowing skin in the Fall. Use a facial serum just before your moisturizer to plump up the skin.
Recommend: ART- Renewal Serum.

1. How is my skin reacting to the change in weather?
2. How does my skin look throughout the day?
3. What does my skin need more of right now?
Then, adjust your skincare routine based on your skin findings from those three questions.

It is also normal for your skin to have a mini freak out fit in the beginning when you add a new product or change up your skincare regime but stick with it and give your skin time to adjust. Try out your new skincare regime for a couple weeks before making the decision whether it’s working or not. On the flip side, if you have any kind of severe reaction or severe breakouts to a new product then definitely discontinue it because it may be too harsh for your skin. Make the product changes gradually. First swap out your cleanser using a different one for a week or so, then change your toner and see how your skin reacts to each change. Give plenty of time in between changing new products before you make your next change to see what’s working and what’s not.

Three bonus product must-haves! Another product I am in denial and get cranky about is wrinkle cream. The second product is a life saving dry skin serum to add to your moisturizer for extra hydration of super dry skin. And the third I AM OBSESSED with FOREVER because of it’s magic brightening and balancing skin powers, but it’s so popular it is currently (11/7/18) out of stock and I am stalking it so hardcore waiting for it to come back so I can grab #allofit!
Recommend: Boswellia Wrinkle CreamEssential Beauty Serum (Dry), and Sheerlumé™.

Invest in a humidifier. Blasting the heat in the house is the quickest way to dehydrate your skin and dry it out this season. Using a humidifier this time of year in your home can help to draw moisture back onto the skin. Just make sure the humidifier isn’t accumulating mold with standing water inside. I had a cheaper quality one that I had to get rid of because of that, so now I just use my essential oil diffuser as a smaller size humidifier because I can clean out all the parts efficiently.

Our skin is always changing. Instead of labeling ourselves with just one skin type you may find that throughout the day your skin ranges from excessively oily to overly dry. Again, those are your skin clues! Pay attention to how you’re nourishing, protecting, and treating your skin to adapt to your natural skin’s behavior. The elements and change in seasons are beyond our control but you can take charge of your skincare to minimize these annoying and overwhelming changes. I know at first it might be hard, but practicing new habits takes time just like anything else. Give yourself 1-3 months for your new habits to stick and become part of your routine.

Fall is the start of the “going within” season. You are allowed to take the time to recover, rebuild, restore, reassess, and regroup. This is the time where the trees show us just how beautiful letting go really is (even though I fight this!). Doing some heavy-duty self-care and self-love this time of year may even help lessen any stress, depression, anxiety, doubt, and all those garbage emotions we tend to feel this time of year.

fall skin 3

Great skincare isn’t just on the skin surface. It’s also what you put in your body. This time of year, it’s still important to eat the rainbow. Fresh fruits and veggies aren’t as abundant in Fall, but the good news is there are plenty of seasonal foods available like dark leafy greens, squashes, pomegranates, persimmons, pears, sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, and cauliflower. There’s still a bounty to feed your skin from within. Eating with the season is a less stressful way of making sure you are still putting good things into your body this time of year (aka candy and cookie season). Loading up on pre and probiotic foods like leeks, garlic, onions, flax seeds, kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha, and yogurt keeps your gut healthy; healthy gut = healthy skin. This is also the time of year where I will make fire cider to keep my immune system in check plus use #alltheoils and all my essential-oil infused immune supporting supplements and products.

Harness this time of the year and season change to your advantage. Shorter days mean more time inside (ugh I know I hate that too! but we need this!!). Whatever is going on inside your body can sometimes show through on your skin. Healthy skin is the result of our thoughts, diet, lifestyle, and how we take care of ourselves. When we devote time to our own self-care our skin, body and aura really does glow. This time of year, get cozy and read a book, write in your journal, remember to take those deep cleansing breaths, drink lots of nourishing herbal teas, do lots of yoga, have a vent sesh with a trusted friend, take lots of sacred infused baths. Treat yo self and go for a massage, take a class and learn something new, or go on vacation and get away from all things pumpkin (I almost made it out without complaining haha!!) Reclaim the sacred moments that allow you to return to yourself because remember Winter is right around the corner and that’s when the true darkness will finally be let in.

Do you have questions? Do you need help starting your new skincare routine? Are you having an information overload moment? Please feel free to reach out, post your comments and questions, or send me a message if you prefer to chat one-on-one. I’d love to hear from you and get to know you (and your skin)!
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