Top 10 Ugly Truths About Direct Sales

*disclaimer: explicit language warning* This article is strictly my opinion based on my actual work experience in this field. If you are set in your ways, a know-it-all and closed minded please stop here. This article is not for you. I’ve written this for the curious, the open-minded and the true leader personas to be able to think for themselves and to stop giving away so much of their power to others.

With that out of the way let’s begin! Have you ever been promised something and then completely disappointed or feel like you’ve been lied to? Have you ever followed someone to the ends of the Earth only to realize they are a phony? Have you ever received shady “opportunity” messages from people you know and random ass people you don’t know on social media, like daily?! How many webinars have you taken that promised you’ll learn all the secrets, tricks of the trade, the “how-to’s” and then end up wasting 2-3 hours per webinar because it was all fluff, no clear directions, and a mega sales pitch at the end and you’re completely confused and pissed off that you just wasted a good chunk of your precious time?!


The ugly truth is that a HUGE percentage of people in this industry are untrained, possibly narcissistic, highly manipulative in a bad way, prey on others weaknesses, will say anything and everything even if it’s #fakenews and inaccurate education based on scripts and not actual research or science just to #takeyourmoney.

The beautiful truth … we are NOT all like that, BUT we are a very teeny tiny percentage of people who actually do exist… like me. Like finding a diamond in a sea of coal. However, to #keepitreal I didn’t get here by always being that way. When I started out, I made a fuck ton of mistakes and did the whole script thing. I trusted who I thought had my best interests at heart. Ooooohhh the lessons I have learned! #perfectlyimperfect I also learned there is beauty in the art and science of sales.

Let’s expand our minds and our “set in stone” ways of thinking during my rant that I debated for months whether or not to publish because I knew I’d probably piss a bunch of people off… then I said FUCK IT! It’s my blog, it’s my business, I am the boss of me and no one will sway me on something I truly believe in, especially if it’s to help others … truly HELP others for free… like me writing… taking my precious time to do all the “bloggy” things it takes to get this post out into the internet … for you … for free… yeah sometimes I do shit for free imagine that! All the faux IG “influencers” might be screaming right now that this isn’t an actual #ad for anything. It’s just my opinion.

Which leads to my top 10 ugly truths, my #funfacts and the mind-expanding chit chat I’m about to share with you:

1. Ugly Truth:
Direct Sales Distributors don’t actually get paid to do the work.
Fun Fact: You sure as shit are right, we don’t always get paid to do the work. We get paid when we SELL YOU SHIT.
Expand Your Mind: HOW is this any different than being a n00b starting in a field right out of school doing all the bitch work and crap bottom feeder jobs to #werk your way up to the top?


2. Ugly Truth: Harass & Spam! Make a list of everyone you know, friends, family, errrbody and send them messages with your new thing, ambush them and invite them to an “opportunity” but don’t tell them what said opportunity is…. DO NOT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER. Keep messaging them till they say YES.
Fun Fact: I don’t even like every single person I know so why would I want them part of my business? I paid my retail customer service dues so now that I have a choice I’m going to work with who I actually want to work with. And NO really does mean NO! It doesn’t always mean a “not right now.” I know when I say NO I really mean it!
Expand Your Mind: How I work is by getting people to make real decisions. A yes or no. None of this RSVP bullshit as “maybe’s” or “interested.” I can get people to give me a straight yes or no because I have already built a relationship with them within 5 minutes or 5 years of knowing them.


3. Ugly Truth: Copy cats, #scriptsfordays, mystery “systems” that always work.
Fun Fact: NO NO NO NO NO! The old school way of this industry doesn’t work as well as it used to because the general public has caught onto all of the “schemes.” And if I hear the words “duplication system” one more time I am going to lose my shit and flip a table Jersey girl style!
Expand Your Mind: Be different. The biggest compliment I receive in my business, in my life and at the core of who I really am is when people say to me “you are different” or “the way you run your business is different” or “I have had so many people pitch me these products before and you take a completely different approach”, why yes, YES I DO! I am un-apologetically myself, confident in what I believe and my people are loyal to me because of that and because I hold that sacred space for them to just be themselves.


4. Ugly Truth: Distributors are so salesy, hawking products and slinging oils.
Fun Fact:
Every day when you go to work as an employee you are selling yourself for your job security. When you ask your significant other or your kids to do something you’re selling them on the idea of doing the chores. When you go for a job interview you are selling yourself to be hired as the best person for the job.
Expand Your Mind: Whether you like it or not everyone is selling something – products, services or themselves as the expert in their field. The people, like me, who invest in themselves to learn the art and science of sales to become experts are probably the people you’d have a pleasant shopping experience with. And to the sales people who literally get dumped on with extreme negativity remember those people most likely are taking their bad past experiences out on you. Be aware. Choose wisely on who you put your precious time and energy into.


5. Ugly Truth: You need to sell your prized possessions, open up a credit card with high limit, take out a second mortgage on your house if you really are “committed” to this business.
Fun Fact: Fuck all y’all! NO NO NO!! Like seriously? Hold up! If someone ever tells you this umm… I advise you to get a second opinion. One of the perks of this industry is the low risk to high reward. You can find massive success in this industry without selling your soul to the devil depending on what your company’s compensation plan is.
Expand Your Mind: How much of your own personal power are you giving away if you decide to bankrupt yourself because “someone else said so?” I am all for taking risks, but take the risk for YOURSELF not because someone else is holding all the cards to your financial well-being.


6. Ugly Truth: You’ll ruin all your relationships if you become a sales rep.
Fun Fact: When you start your own business in ANY industry you actually find out who is really on your team and in your corner. The people closest to you may be the most non-supportive on your new journey and you might even meet strangers that are more supportive than anyone you’ve ever met before.
Expand Your Mind: Do you really want dream crushers in your corner to begin with? Do you really want to surround yourself with closed-minded negative people that always have a troll comment to say to you? I know I don’t. It’s okay to trim the fat and restructure your inner circle to who makes you happy and who believes in your dreams, especially when you forget why the hell you started this business in the first place.


7. Ugly Truth: DS, MLM, Network Marketing is one of the most disrespected industries and not recognized as an actual business in the eyes of many.
Fun Fact: The segregation between a traditional business/brick and mortar and direct sales/online “momprenuers” (stop it with this “hot word trend!” #icanteven) is absolutely disgusting. They hate us because A LOT of distributors are inexperienced and untrained in “how to” actually be a business owner. The untrained are cheapening the industry and giving horrendous experiences. Distributors, like me, resourcefully don’t pay monthly rent on a brick & mortar store front, instead we take that “rent money” and pay for monthly business trainings, yearly company conventions and personal development to invest into ourselves and our “home-based” business.
Expand Your Mind: Would you go to a dentist that graduated from YouTube Academy and got his degree from Google University to get a cavity filled? Umm… what?! NO!!! Find the EDUCATED PROFESSIONALS and talk to them!! Remember I said we do exist … or maybe we’re just unicorns.


8. Ugly Truth: It’s really not the distributors faults completely.
Fun Fact: If you were promised you could turn a river into wine by following XYZ steps would you drink the kool-aid? (#funfact I’ve never actually had kool-aid before)
Expand Your Mind: Personal development really does work if you find the right book, the right mentor, the right path that works for YOU. It really does teach you to become better. When we say yes to that river of wine we might be blinded in the beginning by all the shiny things, really excited and passionate about something for the first time in a long ass time of being trained employees because maybe we were scared shitless to even own a business in the first place, but that’s a risk worth taking to escape our miserable jobs that we hate. How is this any different than being a n00b at ANYTHING? It’s called trial and error for a reason. When you make mistakes that’s when it’s time to hold your ass accountable and own your shit to then do better.


9. Ugly Truth: People gonna talk shit.
Fun Fact: Keep talking with your trash mouth on something you have zero experience in, had a dirt bag experience ONE time and now your word is golden.
Expand Your Mind: FUCK OUTTA HURRRR!!! I am at the point in my business where I have no time to listen to the slander. Just because someone publishes something on the internet doesn’t make it true. Call the actual company. Find the actual source. Stop being sheep. How is this slander any different from political slander or celebrity slander?


10. Ugly Truth: Instagram is infested with faux “influencers.”
Fun Fact: Who the hell are all these people anyway? #fuckingmillennials I know who the top earners are in most of the direct sales companies. I’ve heard most of them speak at events. They obviously did something right to get to where they are and did not become an overnight success. It took time, energy, blood, sweat & tears. They became trained professionals and experts in their field.
Expand Your Mind: I am always a believer in dreams and if your dream is to become an IG influencer than go for it! BUT if you are the influencee (idk if this is even a word but ok I’ll say followers) take a MINDFUL MINUTE (#throwback to my Monday’s Mindful Minute videos) and look at who you are following? What good are they doing in the world? Who are they actually helping? What is their ratio of selfish to selflessness? Are they always negative, judging others, and just slinging ads and hawking products at you? Are you learning anything mind expanding from them? OR Are they straight up garbage people? Posting inaccurate information that could do more harm than good? Are they telling you anything and everything you want to hear just to #takemymoney? Are you drinking their kool-aid? Remember what I said in the beginning of this article? … RECLAIM YOUR OWN POWER!

*T W O  B O N U S  T R U T H S*

Ugly Truth: “So & So’s parents are this high rank, they don’t do anything and make loads of money.”
Fun Fact: I was actually told this in the very beginning before I joined my company and like an idiot who was in a vulnerable state of mind at the time because I was miserable with what I was doing I saw a light at the end of the tunnel and an escape out so I decided to “trust” said person.
Expand Your Mind: Basically any and every negative experience in this industry I have experienced, but yet I chose to stick with it, I chose to up and quit all my jobs because I believed in myself, I chose to not be like the rest of them and guess what … IT TAKES #WERK … A LOT of work in the beginning to get momentum. But how is that any different than starting up ANY BUSINESS from scratch? Money doesn’t fall from the sky when you decide to open a business … and in the rare instances that does happen you better count your lucky stars for all your customers, appreciate them and show your gratitude towards them!

T H E  L A S T  H U R R A H

Ugly Truth: Most of the “ugly truth” articles written about this industry come from uneducated, closed-minded people who maybe had a bad experience in the industry or they’re super bitter because they failed in this business, and instead of taking it as a learning experience to do better they quit before achieving any success and then blamed the industry or their company to save themselves from the embarrassment of failure.

Fun Fact: I have been in this industry with my first company that I will stay with and have no plans on quitting or abandoning my team for almost 5 years. Am I where I’d thought I’d be? No. Do I work my business every day with high ethical standards? YES. I love my company. I love their products because they have actually helped me, my family and my team with amazing success stories. What I don’t like is when people “educate” on products without following compliance, making false product claims, and saying to use a product in other ways than it was labeled for. Umm… hello FDA?! This is why people hate us. They think we’re all the same and that we’re going to give them inaccurate information. But remember … some of us are diamonds and unicorns.

Expand Your Mind: Who are you even surrounding yourself with these days? We just got done with tax season so now seems like the perfect time to do a Spring-cleaning & audit of your life and who is in it. Not everyone has your best interest at heart. Not everyone will support your dreams. Fuck the haters. Don’t worry about what everyone else in your company is doing and maybe reaching ranks faster than you are. You do not owe anyone anything. Focus on YOUR growth as a human being. Don’t be an asshole, but feel all your feelings. All of the feelings you feel are valid whether they’re positive, negative or you just need to be done peopling for the day or the week…however much time you need to grow YOU GROW because no one is getting out of here alive so LIVE YOUR LIFE THE WAY YOU DREAM IT!

All of this “ugliness” I’ve written about I have actually experienced. It did not break me and never will. All of the bad experiences, yeah they pissed me the fuck off, but once I felt and dealt with the emotional reactions to those situations, I took the lesson from each experience and dissected it into how can I become better from it?

Before I go, I don’t want to leave you hanging and not teach you what I’ve learned along the way. A few beginner steps on “how-to” reclaim your own power. Again, I am speaking from experience and as a former “doormat who didn’t know how to set healthy boundaries with people and garbage people”


  • Assess who’s in your life and how they make you feel when you’re around them. Do you feel energized or do you feel like the life has been sucked out of you?
  • Write down personality and character traits of who you’d like to become then work towards becoming that person (#googleallthethings)
  • Say no to anything or anyone that you feel will not be a great way to spend your time.
  • Teach yourself something you’re passionate about learning and watch your confidence grow because you did it yourself #DIYfordays

For transparency purposes and to honor your time I am also sharing the link to my companies income disclosure statement here, If you resonated and connected with anything in this post send me a message and say hello. I’d love to get to know you. Feel free to ask me any questions. Open minds are always welcome.

Becky Eidam


About the Author: Becky Eidam (pictured above) writes from the heart whether she is writing about Keepin’ It Real, Skincare & Beauty, All Things Spiritual, and of course, one of her passions teaching about Essential Oils and the Essential Oiled Lifestyle. She sometimes hesitates to publish her Keepin’ It Real writings thinking that they may be a little “too harsh” or “too emotionally charged,” but she quickly reminds herself WHY she started that specific section, to empower and inspire Everyone in need of a little support on their Spiritual and Self-Care journeys. After it goes through Becky’s editors for a little proofreading she snaps out of it and trusts that by giving people the tools to empower themselves to turn their dreams into reality she will get to know and be surrounded by some pretty amazing Self-Care Warriors.

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