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YLinddist_FBprofile2Our Mission:  to educate people how to make small changes daily towards better health and overall well-being.

Becky Eidam was introduced to Young Living in August 2014.  Her business has grown from starting her own journey of personal growth, leadership, and living a healthy lifestyle to teaching others how to DIY their lives through self care.  Investing in her own self care with Young Living’s amazing emotional support products, acupuncture, self love, and mindfulness techniques is how she improved the quality of her life. 

Nicknamed “The Eyebrow Queen” by clients, Becky has been working in the beauty industry for 17+ years as a licensed Cosmetologist in NY & NJ.  She loves traveling the world beautifying people.

Becky believes there are no limits to what you can achieve & will forever be a student continuing her education.  In 2017, Becky completed The Sacred Heart of Herbalism Level 1 with Karine Gordineer, Master Herbalist and Owner of Green Girl Herbs & Healing.

Becky also believes wholeheartedly that in order to love and take care of another you must FIRST love and take care of YOURSELF! 

Additionally, while experiencing the 2016 Young Living Convention, Derrick Eidam, Becky’s husband, had an amazing idea to combine their love of nature, wildlife, being outdoors, traveling, photography, health and wellness into one.  His concept was “Wild & Free” which is how he came up with the name YL & Free.  Derrick and Becky have now partnered in business to grow YL & Free for the people they love to grow Wild & Free!

Becky Eidam

beckyTell us about yourself:
I grew up in NJ with a family of small business owners and entrepreneurs; always dreaming big, being creative, and having a strong work ethic with a kind heart.  I have a big heart for everyone I meet and Yes! I am a Jersey Girl & totally proud of it!  Additionally, I’ve always loved art which is one of the reasons why I became a Cosmetologist, licensed in NY & NJ for 17 years.  I love the beach, nature, animals, hiking, yoga, cooking, and traveling.  I’ve worn many hats in the business world learning from many mentors.  I will forever be a student and I am open to learning new things.

My journey has been one of healing old wounds, finding forgiveness & self love, and consistently investing in my self-care.  They say you can’t pour from an empty cup.  Now that I’ve put in all the “me” work I can pour from an overflowing cup to help others on their self healing journeys.

What are your top 3 Young Living products and why?
Valor – My courage in a bottle that relieves my self doubt and stress.  My go to oil before public speaking or any time I feel my confidence lacking.

Ningxia Red – The only liquid supplement I’ve found that gives me energy without crashing or jitters.  When I travel I always have Ningxia Red with me to support my immune system, especially when flying. It also supports all nine systems of the body, all in one drink!

Super B – Keeping my theme of “breaking up with stress” this B vitamin is so amazing that when I forget to take it my body reminds me!  It supports a healthy nervous system and cardiovascular health, assists with mood support, helps sustain healthy energy levels with internal enzyme reactions.

Derrick Eidam

derrickTell about yourself:
I am extremely goal oriented and not afraid to work hard.  I have been working in the healthcare industry for over a decade, a challenging field where change is frequent.  To succeed in this field, it takes creative thinking and planning to achieve our desired goals.

I also enjoy the outdoors tremendously, and my current obsession is photography.  Specifically, nature and wildlife are my focus.  Even as a little kid, I used to look through my parents nature books at all the colorful animals, especially birds.  This terrific hobby has not only allowed me to see over 200 species of birds (many locally in the Hudson Valley), but also meet many great people, publish and sell my own work and share the world that I see through my photography.

From the beginning, I’ve supported Becky with Young Living, but I was more on the sidelines while she immersed herself in the products.  It wasn’t until she asked me to join her at the 2016 Young Living Convention – Live Your Passion in Salt Lake City, Utah that I began to take a major interest in the company.  It was there that the YL & Free idea was conceived.

What are your top 3 Young Living products and why?
The Slique shake is my favorite product.  With my busy schedule, I didn’t always make good decisions when it came to my meals, especially breakfast.  The shake is a meal replacement that is quick to make and tastes great!  It’s also allowed me to lose a little weight, which is an added bonus.

I also love Ningxia Red.  I either take a shot in the morning or mix it with my water bottle.  This antioxidant drink supports my overall wellness and gives me that extra boost to get me through my days.

Last, but not least, I thoroughly enjoy the scent and benefits of the Peppermint Essential Oil.  I diffuse it nearly everyday at work, largely due to the added boost of energy and concentration.